Branding isn’t easy, but with some simple guidelines it can be made into a quicker process – to brand your website, you’ll need some base colours, an idea for a mission statement and some time! 

At Arc X – we can take a logo which you have used and use it to design the whole website – we call this “Reconstruction” which means to use the same ideas that went into your logo, and magnify them to reconstruct a larger picture of your brand. 

If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand. – Howard Schultz

Don’t do it alone!

One of the things that makes Arc X unique is that we pride ourselves on communication – this means that we need your help when deciding the designs we implement, though – if you wish to leave it down to us, we won’t let you down. 

Design is something that needs to be simple, yet sophisticated enough to embody your business’ style and its purpose without overloading the viewer. 

Whether you know exactly how you want your site to look, or wish to pick a few colours and let us run with it! We’ve got you covered.



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